The Spice Lady wants to augment and enhance what you already know. Then we attempt to ignite and flambé the passionate cook in you. Fresh, safe, humane, with organic ingredients, is the way we like to roll. And within our space, we can accommodate vegetarian & gluten free.*

A myriad of step-by-step recipes from the creative mind of The Spice Lady. A treasure trove for all eating lifestyles. The creative, the classics, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free. It’s all in there. Something for everyone, so dig in to find what you are craving.

Cooking classes are a social affair with instruction where we create a full course meal paired with the right wine.
Workshops are fine tuned. Interested in sharpening your knife skills, or learning how to use spices to create flavour? Our workshops are for you!
Private Events
And now for something completely different! Send us your wish list for a customized evening with food & drink. We do it all for you, your kin & colleagues.

Food Safety Training Certification Programs
Sharon Elston is a registered Food Safety Instructor. If you require employee level certification, management training, or train-the-trainer, check our schedule for workshops and exam proctoring.

Who is The Spice Lady?

From fine food importer to cooking school instructor Sharon Elston has run the gamut. Throughout the years, she has rubbed shoulders with prominent chefs, even some master chefs, from western to eastern Canada, accumulating tips and techniques. Working out of her Toronto cooking studio or as a mobile instructor, Sharon’s quest is to develop outstanding recipes and menus to be enjoyed by all eating lifestyles.

Choose your culinary theme, Thai, French, Italian, Indian, Sushi, she’s a wealth of information and her passion is to share it all with you. From the exotic to the traditional, the beginner to the professional, Sharon’s style is to deliver with humour and culinary wisdom.

Interested in food safety issues? As one of the pioneers, Sharon is also a registered food safety instructor. Whether it is in the realm of certifying food service staff or a corporate lunch & learn, your experience with Sharon is sure to be fun & educational. No time to snooze, her interactive style and sharp whit keeps you focused on your way to success.


    The Spice Lady uses gluten free products. We try our best to use certified gluten free products.  Some items that we use are from non-certified gluten free companies, but may be processed in accordance to CFIA standards and rules and meet their requirements. We ask that you use your own discretion when consuming our products. We are constantly sourcing new suppliers to fill our need for certified gluten free ingredients and will post any changes on our website.

    If you have other food allergies, please ask about our ingredients in order to understand if what you choose to consume is right for your diet. Nuts are used in our facility. Some of the products may have come into contact with nuts, eggs, peanuts, dairy, soy, etc. The Spice Lady cooking classes is unable to accommodate every allergy. It is therefore the consumer’s responsibility to check with us to ensure all ingredients are in order to ensure safety of all products before consumed.